This tutorial helps you to create an CloudFlare account, pointing the IP address and creating the A records.

Step 1: Create an CloudFlare account with your Email Id and Password

Step 2: Enter your Domain name and click scan DNS records

Step 3 : Now it will scan your DNS records so please sit back and relax for a minute.

Step 4 : Once the scanning process is completed now you need to point the IP address in the A record.

Step 5 : Now create an new "A" record name it as "www" and then point the same IP address then click continue.


Step 6 :  Now you need to select the Free website as your cloudflare plan and click continue


Step 7: Click Continue


Step 8 : Now your cloud flare nameservers have been created.


You have to update this name servers back in your domain name. If you have any questions, contact us at